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Re: Forbidden You are not allowed to access this!

2015-03-18 1:46 GMT+01:00 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> Unfortunately the MoinMoin codebase doesn't have the option to
> blacklist IPs for non-read-only actions while allowing reading for
> those same IPs.
> If you have Python skills, it would be great if you could get MoinMoin
> upstream to change the code in the MoinMoin.web.utils.check_forbidden
> function so that it only applies to non-read-only actions or to allow
> different sets of blacklists for reading and editing.

Perhaps we could use a workaround: adding the forbidden IPs in the
webserver configuration only for actions URL and not in MoinMoin ?

I could be interrested to improve MoinMoin but I have higher priority
tasks so if it occurs, it will not be before 6 months (at least)...


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