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Re: donations and paypal

(Re-adding -project@ to Cc. I'm assuming that your reply to -www@ missed
the fact that the mail was bounced to -project@.)

On 17/11/14 at 11:23 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Lucas Nussbaum writes ("donations and paypal"):
> > (resending to -www@, #681501 is now archived)
> ...
> > I was asked to look into the question of whether (and how) we should
> > list Paypal on https://www.debian.org/donations.
> ...
> > So I think that Paypal should be listed similarly to other donations:
> Um, I don't understand.
> Debian itself is not able to own assets.  Are you appointing Paypal as
> a TO ?

Some TOs are able to accept donations via Paypal (in addition to
bank transfers, checks, USA ePay, Click & Pledge, and other services).

The question I answered is whether we can list Paypal as an alternative
to other mechanisms for donations: it would be listed at the same level
as Click & Pledge, for example. (and not at the same level of TOs, as
you seem to have understood)

Paypal is currently listed as an option for Debian France, but some
people disagreed that we should mention it.

> In fact that web page already says that
>  | Debian is able to accept direct equipment donations
> Does that mean that you as DPL are decreeing that Debian is accepting
> ownership of hardware ?  That is contrary to the Debian constitution
> and probably unlawful (depending on the jurisdiction).

I'll let hardware-donations@d.o clarify, but AFAIK, we have had two
kinds of hardware donations so far:
- the ones where the donor did not ask for a legal document specifying
  who is the recipient of the hardware; we did not bother to write one.
- the ones where a legal document was required. A TO was involved in
  those cases.

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