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Re: donations and paypal

Lucas Nussbaum writes ("donations and paypal"):
> (resending to -www@, #681501 is now archived)
> I was asked to look into the question of whether (and how) we should
> list Paypal on https://www.debian.org/donations.
> So I think that Paypal should be listed similarly to other donations:

Um, I don't understand.

Debian itself is not able to own assets.  Are you appointing Paypal as
a TO ?

In fact that web page already says that

 | Debian is able to accept direct equipment donations

Does that mean that you as DPL are decreeing that Debian is accepting
ownership of hardware ?  That is contrary to the Debian constitution
and probably unlawful (depending on the jurisdiction).

 | Any donations for the Debian Project must be made to any one of a
 | set of organisations designated by the Project leader (or a
 | delegate) to be authorized to handle assets to be used for the
 | Debian Project.

>From 9.3.  Note that it says `any donations' and `assets', and is not
limited to money.


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