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Re: DDP styling maint-guide/debian-reference

2014-10-22 20:13 GMT+02:00 Adrian Fita <adrian.fita@gmail.com>:
> Hi. I checked the new style for the Debian Reference and Maintainer
> guide; looks good so far! (maybe a little too much inspired by RedHat's
> documentation style :)

Yes, the style is based on Publican one (which is used by RedHat's
documentation). It's modified to fit the Debian colors

> 1 suggestion: could you make the Next/Prev arrows light up to the
> Debian's red color while hovering with the mouse over them? Keeping them
> gray all the time makes me feel like they don't work and nothing will
> happen when I click on them.

Changing the picture when the mouse is on hover is a good idea but it
does not fit well with the current html. I think it's better to limit
the patch to CSS only.
However, I think it's possible to show an effect by changing the
opacity of the arrows so the user will see an arrow more or less

I plan to post a new patch with this effect.


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