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Re: Insufficient indexing of udebs on packages.debian.org

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2014-10-22):
> Anyway: I don't know how the “Files” column is generated but we have
> “no current information” at the moment for udebs, and files present in
> udebs aren't mentioned in search results.
> I think the Contents files for the debian-installer subsection might be
> empty, and I'm going to investigate that now, possibly filing a bug
> against dak if that's indeed the case. If you're using those files, pdo
> should get fixed automatically then, but if you're using something else,
> an extra fix might be needed.

OK, I was probably conflating this with some issues I had with various
files when I was mirroring using debmirror (before switching to ftpsync,
which should follow possibly incompatible changes on the archive side).

Looking at my local mirror it appears these files are available for each
  Contents-$arch.gz → symlinks to main/Contents-$arch.gz

then for i in each of main, contrib, and non-free we have:

so it would probably be just a matter of indexing files matching the
last pattern to get proper udeb support if Contents files are indeed
what packages.debian.org uses.

(I'll now look into apt-file which likely needs some patching based on
the findings mentioned above, but that's no longer a topic for -www@.)

Thanks for reading so far.


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