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Insufficient indexing of udebs on packages.debian.org


Following the instructions at the bottom of [1], and reporting on list
rather than in the BTS even if it feels wrong…

 1. https://packages.debian.org/sid/sata-modules-3.16-3-amd64-di

Anyway: I don't know how the “Files” column is generated but we have
“no current information” at the moment for udebs, and files present in
udebs aren't mentioned in search results.

For example, sata_mv.ko (as a filename) returns only linux-image-* [2]
matches, which are deb packages, while the same filename is also found
in the sata-modules-* udeb packages.

 2. https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=sata_mv.ko&mode=exactfilename&suite=unstable&arch=any

I think the Contents files for the debian-installer subsection might be
empty, and I'm going to investigate that now, possibly filing a bug
against dak if that's indeed the case. If you're using those files, pdo
should get fixed automatically then, but if you're using something else,
an extra fix might be needed.


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