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Bug#681501: Debian France on Debian's new donations page?

On Thu, 09 Oct 2014, Brian Gupta wrote:
> > The correct link is this one:
> > https://france.debian.net/galette/plugins/galette-plugin-paypal/paypal_form.php?pref_lang=en_US
> >
> > It's best to use the form on this page because it will record everything
> > in the accounting books automatically.
> Not a rush, but can we work to setup a separate API key for donations
> to Debian?  We're trying to close the bug that people had to go to a
> Trusted Organization website, and also make another decision.

You can take the form on our webpage and hardcode the field used to select
the target organization and put that form on debian.org directly. I guess
this should work.

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