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Re: Wrong behavior of language-change bar on stats webpages for Debian website


Le 17/07/2014 05:12, Lev Lamberov a écrit :

> on English stats webpages for Debian website other available languages are
> not shown. Also on corresponding translated webpages available translations
> are shown incorrectly.

Right. Some time ago (Wednesday March 09 2011), on #debian-www:

14:16 < taffit> Arg, forgot to handle the language footer in translated
stats :/

Since those pages are mostly of translators use, they should see it on
their own language anyway, and those people may know they simply can add
a few letters to an URL (e.g. “.it“ for Italian) to see a content in
another language.

> So, it makes translation of stats.pot and
> puting a Makefile into devel/website/stats simply useless.

“useless” seems pretty strong, are you missing
<https://www.debian.org/intro/cn> maybe?

> I'm not sure what the problem is, so I cannot fix it, sorry.

The WML files in english/devel/website/stats/ are generated by
webwml/stattrans.pl. Since there is no corresponding WML files in
$otherlanguage/devel/website/stats/, the usual code in
english/template/debian/languages.wml doesn’t work fit. It would be nice
if someone would be willing to fix that, I guess, but it’s not very high
on my own TODO list (as stated by the quantity of time since I noticed it).



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