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Account Creation Failed Error930: on wiki.debian.org

Hey there developers/community,

tonight I experienced the following problem:

As I am using Debian quite a time now as productive server system, now after I am more than convinced about the OS, I thought it's time to contribute my part. And for what I can do best, as I had studied English at University for some years, I wanted to apply for the CategoryWikiTranslator, to help translating in German - if needed and wanted, as I think, because there's a large community.

I tried to register for a user account, filled in the needed information (name, pw, pw again, email) and hit the button - after relatively long waiting (nearly 30s), remarking I use a 100Mbit cable connection, I got a message on top of the wiki displaying the following message:

Account creation failed: Error 930: please contact debian-www@lists.debian.org for help if this continues.

Before I try creating more and more accounts, spamming the database, I wanted to ask for your help what I can do, to solve this issue. Thank you very much in advance and with best regards

Marco Dietrich

PS: Stay safe out there!!!

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