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Re: templates.pot files mangled if downloaded via chromium


Le 23/02/2014 04:21, Christian PERRIER a écrit :
> Quoting Beatrice Torracca (beatricet@libero.it):
>> I can not point you to the right conversation (in this mailing-list I
>> think) right now, but could it be the "old" problem of files being
>> gzipped twice?
> Sounds like this, yes....
> I'm not really sure that we really understood that problem when it was
> first noticed.

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=610679 is an upstream bug
against firefox describing the issue (I’d assume chromium is also affected).

> Not even sure that it has been fixed.

Ditto, but there is a sever-side workaround available in the
aforementioned bug report (probably for the new-churro if we want to).

> David (Prévot) might remember but he is VAC as of now, for two weeks, IIRC.

Not yet, but that’s -private leaking, bad Christian ;).



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