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Outdated info on events page


while translating the events pages, I noticed some outdated
information on
Joost van Baal is no longer active in selling t-shirts and material
for them, see http://mdcc.cx/tshirt/.

Patch attached.


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--- material.wml	2013-10-10 10:25:42.000000000 +0200
+++ material_proposal.wml	2014-02-16 19:18:48.650151042 +0100
@@ -211,11 +211,7 @@
 <p>T-shirts are quite costly to do, but are quite good gifts for people
 who help out in the booth or to the organization of the event (if they
 are really that helpful). You can take a look at
-<a href="materials/tshirts/">some graphics</a> used for t-shirts. If you're
-planning to print t-shirts, you might like to contact
-<a href="http://mdcc.cx/tshirt/";>Joost van Baal</a>, who is willing to lend out
-<q>films</q>, i.e. transparent plastic slides used by t-shirt printers. That
-will save you some money.</p>
+<a href="materials/tshirts/">some graphics</a> used for t-shirts.</p>
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