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Re: Debian Wiki page "Awesome": package "vicious" does not exist

On 12/11/13 00:37, Michael Eliachevitch wrote:
> I thought I might try the "Awesome WM" on my debian desktop (Jessie) and
> opened the according wiki page (https://wiki.debian.org/Awesome).
> It says "Installation: apt-get install awesome vicious"

I suspect the whole page needs fact-checking as well as an edit for

> However, it seems vicious isn't included in the official debian
> repositories, at least apt-get can't find it. However, it is included in
> the package "awesome-extra".

# apt-get install awesome awesome-extra

awesome-extra includes the vicious widgets

> I didn't want to edit the page because I am not enough into it to be
> sure whether it is right to recommend everybody to install
> awesome-extra. 

You want the widgets you'll need the 'recommended' awesome-extra package.

I've edited the page, but I:-
;haven't installed the packages
;don't trust the rest of the page
;note the page could use some more editing for readability

So if you do install awesome it'd be appreciated if you edited the wiki
page and replaced those instructions for Ubuntu with realistic, tested,
information for Debian.

> However, there is no "discussion" site like on wikipedia
> and no possibilty to add comments, so I wrote this mail. Still not sure
> this is the right mailing list...

Kind regards

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