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account creation fails on https://wiki.debian.org/fr/RsyncSnapshots


I'd like to create a wiki account on https://wiki.debian.org/

I've tried to do it on https://wiki.debian.org/fr/RsyncSnapshots page but it does not work.

I get this message :
"Account creation failed: Error 910: please contact debian-www@lists.debian.org for help if this continues."

So I contact the debian-www list as indicated

It seems that there are some minor errors in the script listed in the page.

especially this line :
if [[ ${erreur_profil_inconnu} -eq 1 ]] 

generates an error " sh : 1 : unknown operand"

and may be replaced by something like 

if [[ "${erreur_profil_inconnu}" -eq 1 ]]
if [[ "$erreur_profil_inconnu" -eq 1 ]]

to make the script work properly

I have some other corrections to propose.

I'm real beginner on linux. I don't want to bother anybody, but I've adapted this script to my own needs, and some other people may have same trouble adapting it.
This article is very useful anyway.

I believe I have to login first to propose that, maybe in a page discussion ?

Thanks in advance for your help



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