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Verifying Purchased DVDs

I'm sure it's clear to you where I should direct my query.  It's not
clear to me.

I want to verify the authenticity of a shiny new set of three Wheezy
installation DVDs that I purchased from an authorized publisher.  So
far I'm not able to.  

I expected to be able to upgrade from Squeeze instantaneously.  It
took a couple of weeks to get the DVDs.  The checksums on the media
are self consistent with the media, so the media is in good condition,
but still I need to confirm the validity of the checksums themselves
from an independent source such as debian.org.  I have a letter in
transit to the publisher addressing the question that I am addressing
to you now.


http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/7.1.0/i386/iso-dvd/MD5SUMS is not
plain text.  Shouldn't it be?  Neither are SHA1SUMS and SHA256SUMS,
but SHA512SUMS is text.  I'm confused.


Checksums for 7.0.0 (the version of my disks) are no longer available
if they ever were.  According to posters on http://forums.debian.net,
they still appear on perhaps out-of-date mirrors in Russia and
Indonesia.  It seems a bit dodgy to me to try to verify checksums that
are not generally available on most of the authorized mirrors.


The visible labels on my disks are 1, 2, and 3.  The machine labels
are 1, 2, and 4.  The Russian site at
ftp.psn.ru/debian-cd/7.0.0/i386/iso-dvd offers checksum files MD5SUMS,
SHA1SUMS, SHA256SUMS, and SHA512SUMS for 7.0.0 that are text along
with ISO images for disks 1 through 10, which are apparently for CDs,
not DVDs.  Can you think of any reason why the publisher would ship
DVD 4 instead of DVD 3?


Can you help?  Can you direct me to an up-to-date source of authorized
checksums for DVD ISO images from 7.0.0?

... OR MAYBE....

I'm going about this wrongly.  Evidently no one else in the wide, wide
world pays much attention whatever to the checksums.  Rhetorically:
How, then, do they verify authenticity after spending several hours
(and perhaps even several day(s)-long sessions) downloading ISO images
from all directions?

.. Be Seeing You,
.. Chuck Rhode, Sheboygan, WI, USA
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