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Bug#721114: [www.debian.org] /doc/index.fr.html: Broken link to "documents d'intérêt historique"

Bonjour Baptiste,

On 2013-08-29 06:12, Baptiste Jammet wrote:
Control: tags -1 patch


Le 28/08/2013 07:48, Filipus Klutiero a écrit :

http://www.debian.org/doc/index.fr.html has a broken link to an anchor
on "documents d'intérêt historique". This link was removed in version
1.84 of the master version.

Maybe you could just mail the translation team at debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org (in french, mais vous parlez français je crois ...).

(I do, c'est même ma langue maternelle!)
Because open a bug for a typo or a dead link is something I call "tuer une mouche avec un char d'assaut".

Remember :

I did follow Simon's suggestion.
You have no idea of the number of years-old yet outstanding trivial issues (there must be correlation between difficulty and time to implementation, but nothing close to direct proportionality!). Tracking issues is best for quality and efficiency, particularly in a team context, where each member may rely on others for fixing the problem, causing unofficial reports to be wasted, until someone else reports the same issue months or years later...

Even more, if you could provide a patch (like the one attached), you could be seen as a hero ...

Hehe. I recognize this is inefficient, but such is the cost of hard security. Thanks for the suggestion, but as a general rule, I do not provide patches for trivial issues due to efficiency concerns.



Thanks to you

Filipus Klutiero

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