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packages.debian.org/search - debDroid

Dear Debian-Community,

first I want to say thank you, that you give us also the option to
search for packages(-informations) with a webbrowser.

I made an Android app, that actually scraps the most interesting parts
from a search result and show them in a native android gui.

Webscrapping is of course an ugly way to collect that data. But the real
interfaces that I found - DDE and PTS - can't do a free text search for
packages, as far as I know.

Today I started the app and the package names (strings) couldn't be
retrieved, so probably the html code changed.
My regex-pattern for this matched "Package (.*?)</h3>". And I also send
the used language setting of the android device to get language specific

In general I want to ask you, did you changed something recently in the
code? If yes, was it convidence or did you do it because of the android

Of course, this regex pattern can be fixed. But If you don't want that
kind of webscrabing, I won't fix it and of course remove the app from
github and playstore.

I want to apologize that I just released the app without asking you.


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