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Bug#721116: [www.debian.org] /doc/: half-broken link to refcards.com

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor

http://www.debian.org/doc/index.en.html#other contains:
A collection of quick reference cards focused mainly on Free and Open Source Software

While the link above should eventually work, it sometimes yields a 404 Not Found error, perhaps half of the time (even though there's a single IP).

When you manage to access, you'll see the last news item on that website is more than 6 years old. The refcard about Debian is a broken link (actually, a link to an ad portal). There are a lot more refcards, and no doubt some valuable information in these. However, since they're not Debian-specific, it shouldn't be hard to find them or better alternatives via a search engine. Therefore, I doubt the link is currently more valuable than noisy, even if it wasn't for the 404.

I recommend to remove this link.
Filipus Klutiero

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