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Bug#720989: www.debian.org: unexperienced users fail to download installation media especially for usb drives

Hey there,

just a note on the mirror servers, as I was surprised someone doubts the 
German translation.

On Monday 26 August 2013 20:55:36 Helmut Grohne wrote:

> A few times he was amused and confused by the German translation and
> wording. "Spiegel" (mirror) is not a widely used word neither in the
> technical nor the non-technical communities. The language used appeared
> unusual to him.

Doesn't he read computer magazines? I did a quick search on four of them (c't, 
iX, CHIP, Computer Bild) and found a bunch of articles, even one in CHIP and a 
board discussion on "Spiegelserver" in Computer Bild. Doesn't look like 
Spiegelserver is that uncommon in the tech community.

In the non-tech community it arrived at the latest with the takedown of 
Wikileaks 2010, where WikiLeaks started a mirroring campaign and soon had over 
200 mirror servers.

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