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Bug#720062: www.debian.org: http://release.debian.org/migration/ does not work / is not understandable

reassign 720062 release.debian.org
retitle 720062 migration page output unclear
user release.debian.org@packages.debian.org
usertags 720062 + tools

On Sun, 2013-08-18 at 07:11 +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> Package: www.debian.org
> Severity: normal

debian-www don't maintain the pages you mentioned. The clue is that
they're under release.debian.org. :-)

> I maintain "goobox". It had a release critical bug which I just
> downgraded because I cannot reproduce it and the submitter does not
> answer anymore on my questions.
> Now the version in sid should be able to migrate to testing. However,
> it is still blocked.

The list of RC bugs that the BTS provides to britney for testing
migration is updated four times a day - at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00
UTC. You downgraded the bug at 20:00, so when britney ran at 22:00 UTC
she was unaware of the downgrading. The next britney run is in a few
minutes time at which point the bug will no longer be a blocker.

> So I follow the PTS to:
> http://release.debian.org/migration/testing.pl?package=goobox
> Here I read:
> goobox depends on libcam-dev which is not available in testing 
> First: The link from "libcam-dev" does not work:
> Not Found
> The requested URL /migration/testing.pl?package=libcam-dev was not
> found on this server.

Yes, that's unfortunate.

> Secondly, libcam-dev is in testing:
> http://packages.debian.org/jessie/libcam-dev

"Yes, but". The link in question is in a section headed "Dependency
analysis (including build-depends; i386 only):". libcam-dev _does not
exist_ on i386:

libcam-dev |      9.1+ds1-3 |    testing | kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386

> So this page has broken links and incorrect information.

No. Some of the links don't work (they should be translated to source
packages) and some of the information is confusingly presented. The
information is /not/ incorrect.



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