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Bug#720062: www.debian.org: http://release.debian.org/migration/ does not work / is not understandable

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: normal

I maintain "goobox". It had a release critical bug which I just
downgraded because I cannot reproduce it and the submitter does not
answer anymore on my questions.

Now the version in sid should be able to migrate to testing. However,
it is still blocked.

So I follow the PTS to:

Here I read:
goobox depends on libcam-dev which is not available in testing 

First: The link from "libcam-dev" does not work:
Not Found

The requested URL /migration/testing.pl?package=libcam-dev was not
found on this server.

Secondly, libcam-dev is in testing:

So this page has broken links and incorrect information.

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