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Re: Bug#703237: packages.debian.org: Inverted 'experimental' and 'rc-buggy'.

On Sun 17 Mar 2013 at 21:42:41 +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:

> Package: www.debian.org
> Severity: minor
> Hello everybody,
> I just realised that packages.debian.org inverts 'experimental' and 'rc-buggy'.

I hadn't realised that. Thanks.

> Its list of suites is 'stable', 'testing', 'unstable' and 'rc-buggy', and its
> list of aliases is 'squeeze', 'wheezy', 'sid', and 'experimental', while
> 'rc-buggy' is the Toy Story name and 'experimental' is the plain English name.

Now everything is clear.

> I think that it creates confusion in the search page as in the
> following example.
>     Package euca2ools
>      * squeeze (stable) (utils): managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus 
>        1.2-1: all
>      * wheezy (testing) (utils): managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus 
>        2.0.2-1: all
>      * sid (unstable) (utils): managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus 
>        2.0.2-1: all
>      * experimental (rc-buggy) (utils): managing cloud instances for Eucalyptus 
>        2.1.3-1~experimental1: all
> The inversion makes it more difficult to understand that 'rc-buggy' is a code
> name, and suggests that the package has RC bugs, which is not the case.

I'd understood 'rc-buggy' to mean 'release critical' buggy. But that
didn't make much sense, so I put it down to my lack of understanding.

> I looked at the code of p.d.o, and wonder if the attached patch would mitigate
> the problem by inverting 'experimental' and 'rc-buggy'.

Don't wonder - what you propose is correct. Whoever choose 'rc-buggy'
has a lot to answer for. As a play on words it leaves a lot to be
desired. At least 'sid' is comprehensible in the Toy Story context.

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