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Bug#388141: www.debian.org relicensing - advice on public call

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 05:34:36PM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Hi Bradley, I'm getting back to you about the above as in Debian we're
> now ready to finalize the relicensing of www.debian.org ("www.d.o" for
> short) from OPL and could use some expert advice on the next steps.

Brief status update on this, after a brief off-list mail exchange with
Bradley. He has kindly confirmed his willingness to help (thanks!), but
he is very busy with work at Software Freedom Conservancy for the next 3
months at least. I note this down here, so that others might remember to
check back with him then, given that I'll probably forget about this :-)

In the meantime, he has pointed us to some "related work" we might learn
from, the Squeak relicensing that the developer communities conducted
following Bradley's advice.  The best reference I've found about that
effort is http://www.netjam.org/squeak/contributors/ , but according to
this and other comments by Bradley it looks like we are on good track:

- we have already contacted all the contributors and heard back from
  quite a number of them

- then, we will need a list of website "lines" that are: 1/ still
  active, and 2/ for which we do *not* have received permission to
  relicence. (It's not clear to me if we have this already or not; can
  someone clarify?)

- once we have the above (and assuming those lines are not
  renounce-able), we might want to ask lawyer advice to verify if the
  lines in question are copyrightable.  Once we have the set of lines in
  question, I can look into that with the help of SPI lawyers

- at that point we might do a public call announcing we are going to
  relicense and ask if anyone have issues with it

Somewhat orthogonally to the above, I think it wouldn't hurt having a
public place where we keep track of the process. David (or anyone else
who has followed this closely) would it be feasible/easy to have, say, a
subpage of http://www.debian.org/license, where we keep up to date all
the info we have about the ongoing relicensing?

Thank again to Bradley for the help thus far, which has already been
quite useful!

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