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Re: Wiki: SCIM/Ibus/chinese input

On Du, 02 dec 12, 10:23:46, Dietmar wrote:
> I recently updated http://wiki.debian.org/gnome-chinese-input with SCIM
> then found http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/ibus and updated it
> and now discovered also http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/SCIM 
> I would like to clean this up a bit and need some input:
> Why is ibus and SCIM under l18n? Is it because they are regarded as
> "language relevant"? Then also gnome-chinese-input should be placed
> there, I think
> I would generate a new page with a topic related to inputting non-latin
> characters (still have to find a good name for it). Should it go under
> l18n?
> There is no category l18n, wouldn't that be a better way of grouping
> such topics?
> Then I would merge the 3 in there (keeping the keywords ibus, SCIM,
> pinyin, ..., so that it can be found via the search function).
> What are your thoughts? It's my first wiki here (doing a bit on
> wiki.debianforum.de), so I appreciate any input on the policy etc.

Can't help much, just a small clarification that might help you

I18n (note upper-case i) is wiki notation for i18n, which means
"internationalisation"[1], do not confuse that with l18n (note the 
lower-case L), which doesn't mean anything or l10n (note the lower-case 
L), which means "localisation"[2].

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I18n
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L10n

Hope this helps,
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