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Bug#388141: Progress in relicensing agreements: 167 ok out of 216 alioth

Hi Simon and members,

2012/10/21 Simon Paillard <spaillard@debian.org>:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 06:18:02PM +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
>> > We sent the first batch to the Alioth users, and are quite happy that,
>> > among the 213 members of the Alioth webwml group we contacted, 104
>> > members already sent us back the agreement, and 44 other persons (who
>> > already provided content but who currently don't have commit access)
>> > sent it also back to us. Thanks to Simon who is tracking the received
>> > answers for the figures.

I am one of recently inactive members of Alioth webwml project
and kept silent on the relicensing confirmation.
Sorry for my late reply.
(Since I cannot read emails to my old address, I set my new address
to my account "nori1-guest" a few minutes ago.)

I agree with relicensing under dual MIT/GPL2+ since I devoted
translations for the sake of the project and the community, and
it is happy for me to keep them freely useful for the project and the community,
although I have not been able to join and contribute anything recent years
(but I want to do again).

(Since I have not generated a GPG key for this mail address, I am very
sorry but I
cannot provide any signatures to this important reply...)

Thanks a lot,


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