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Bug#388141: Progress in relicensing agreements: 167 ok out of 216 alioth


On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 06:18:02PM +0200, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> > We sent the first batch to the Alioth users, and are quite happy that,
> > among the 213 members of the Alioth webwml group we contacted, 104
> > members already sent us back the agreement, and 44 other persons (who
> > already provided content but who currently don't have commit access)
> > sent it also back to us. Thanks to Simon who is tracking the received
> > answers for the figures.
> Can you give an update on this? From how many authors has permission been
> received?

alioth members: out of 216
	164 ok for dual licence
	1 for public domain
	2 for GPL only
	49 remaning

contributors but not commiters: note we didn't build a list of such contributors
	58 ok

> Perhaps a re-ping is in order for the missing ones?

Following your email, I've run a re-ping, not much successful, but ~10 replies
for the moment.

Our main next steps is imo:
- from translation-check headers, identify contributors, and allow matching
  with the list of ok
- for people without a reply or NOK, identify the content and check if we can
  drop it or rewrite it (from scratch) 
- what to do with fjp commits ?
> Also, is there a list available somewhere of the usernames that alread
> consented?

I've made a copy available at:

Simon Paillard

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