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Linux-based OS

Preface: Hello! Sorry, if message sent for wrong email. Replace it, if
it's true and sorry for my english...

I'm going to try linux at soon. But now this fucking holywars about
Linux or GNU/Linux is irritating me. Only Debian still use it and
Debian is a symbol for other distributions too. All popular
distributions call their systems is "Linux" or "Linux-based OS". For
examples: Fedora Linux, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE Linux, Gentoo Linux,
Linux Mint, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Slackware Linux,
etc., but only debian team use GNU/Linux at least in their
documentation for a long time. I don't care about GNU, because
Stallman is stupid paranoid, but i appreciate em for GNU software,
what allow me booting Linux-based OS on my computer. Do i need a feel
freedom when use Free Operating System? Why i can't call it Linux?
It's not a Freedom! Are you going to review this position today? If
not, i migrating to PC-BSD and will use it as my desktop OS.

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