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Bug#685967: amd64 install FAQ can't be read without a login / broken link

Package: www.debian.org

Attempting to read the FAQ for the amd64 port leads me to a page
requiring a login.

Starting from the page <http://www.debian.org/ports/amd64/>, I follow
the link "The debian-amd64 howto and FAQ" to
That redirects me to
which is a page requesting a username and password I don't have, and
displaying the message "You've been redirected to this login page
because you have tried accessing a page that was not available to you as
an anonymous user."

It does not seem reasonable that reading the install FAQ should require
a login.

(Note that on the page <http://wiki.debian.org/DebianAMD64> there is
also a link to debian-amd64-howto.html, with the annotation "Broken as
of 20110729. FilipusKlutiero".)

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