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Who's using Debian?

1. Name of organization (in the form of division, organization, city/town (optional), country). An example is: AI Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Inmobiliaria Mar Menuda SA, Tossa de Mar, Spain

2. Organization type (educational, non-profit, commercial, government)


3. (optional) Home page link


4. A paragraph or two describing how your organization uses Debian. Try to include details such as the number of workstations/servers, the software they run (no need to specify version), and why you chose Debian over the competition.

We rent apartments and we use our IT infrastructure to magane apartment bookings and the accounting. We used 1 Windows 2003 SBS connected to 5 Windows 2000 workstations until 2007. In mid 2007 there was a change in the licensing policy of our former software, which was FoxPro-based. I looked for alternatives. Having heard of Linux, I tested Ubuntu 7.04 on one workstation for about six months. All workstations were migrated to 7.10 when it came out, and a final migration took place in spring 2008 when Ubuntu 8.04 was adopted for all the IT infrastructure (both server and workstations) as I finally found viable replacements for all the software that we once used under Windows. However, I do not like the way that Ubuntu has evolved after 10.04. Consequently all computers, that is, server and workstations, have been migrated to Debian Squeeze last Monday (August 20th 2012).

The choice was my sole responsibility. I chose Debian because it was the sensible choice, as I was familiar with a Debian-based distribution and the Debian "ecosystem". Debian consistently provides stability and a good level of resource efficiency.
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