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Re: Anonymize very old Debian list posting?

On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 02:56:01PM +0200, Lukas Foljanty wrote:
> thanks for your reply. I must say, that I find that a rather questionable
> privacy policy. Like I was writing before, I don't mind the message itself to
> stay. But I do mind that my email address is visible to anybody. 
> Maybe I'm just unlucky for still using that same email address.

For what it's worth (perhaps not much): I'd advise focussing on having good
anti-spam defenses, rather than hiding your email address. I once read a
very well written argument to this effect, certainly better written than
I'm managing here, but by trying to limit exposure to your address, you
are making email less effective (making yourself less discoverable etc.)
which in some way is letting the spammers win.  We currently enjoy some
very effective anti spam technology which can vastly reduce the problem.
I personally can recommend 'crm114' (packaged in Debian) although setting
it up initially can be a bit tricky.

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