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Re: Anonymize very old Debian list posting?


On Thu Aug 16, 2012 at 16:33:59 +0200, lukas@foljanty.de wrote:
> Hi,
> many years ago, I posted some questions on the Debian list
> (http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2004/05/msg01860.html). Since
> my email address is visible there ever since, this list entry keeps
> showing up very prominently on Google.
> I don't mind the message to stay, but I would really appreciate if
> my email address could be anoymized or removed. Alternatively, is
> there a way to completely delete the message?

The Debian-Listarchives-Policy is to NOT remove or alter any postings 
if they are published.

Even if we would, it wouldn't help, as our lists are archived
elsewhere[*], so once an email has been accepted it is out in the wild
with its entire content and addresses and theres no way to get it back.

The one exception to this rule is, when the posting is clearly spam.
In that case press the 'Report as spam' button at the top of the page
to nominate the posting for reviewing. 

Please see http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#disclaimer,
http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/disclaimer and
for more information

[*] elsewhere are most likely http://gmane.org, http://groups.google.com,
	http://mail-archive.com, http://osdir.com/ml/, http://markmail.org,
	http://marc.info, http://www.nabble.com/Debian-f24.html but there are
	more public and private archives out there.

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