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Re: Planet Debian dead links

On 12931 March 1977, Victor Nițu wrote:

> I can repeat this test daily for 3-4 days, and then try to contact the
> blog owners in order to update their own Planet entries, if that's OK.
> With the risk of becoming known for my 404-phobia, I can try to take
> care of any situation like this I may encounter.

> You can run the test yourselves. Before that, I have to mention I
> checked both the blog URLs and the feed URLs, so there may be only 8
> 404'd blogs. I plan to make some stats in 2-3 days from now on.

At random intervals I go through planets logs and disable broken
entries. I'm not sure doing much more is really worth the effort, though
I won't stop you. IMO having such checks on all the other websites of
Debian, from www over qa packages to wherever is much more interesting
than on a blog aggregator.

bye, Joerg
> 20. What would you do if you wanted to retire from the project?
Remove the passphrase from the (secret) gpg key and post it to
debian-devel. The keyring maintainers will lock the account ASAP.

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