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Planet Debian dead links


I have the habit of randomly browsing planet.d.o while drinking my
morning coffee.
Today I ended up in a dead link, and I wondered if there are more of
those. So I gathered all blog links in a separate (public)
html file [1] and tried bashing it with a link checker tool [2].

[1] http://debian.org.ro/media/deb404.html
[2] http://404checker.com/link-checker

The results are:

   Status  |  Items found
 2xx       |  599
 1xx/3xx   |  102
 4xx/5xx   |  15
 Secure    |  5
 Errors    |  0
 Timed out |  12
          TOTAL LINKS: 733

I can repeat this test daily for 3-4 days, and then try to contact the
blog owners in order to update their own Planet entries, if that's OK.
With the risk of becoming known for my 404-phobia, I can try to take
care of any situation like this I may encounter.

You can run the test yourselves. Before that, I have to mention I
checked both the blog URLs and the feed URLs, so there may be only 8
404'd blogs. I plan to make some stats in 2-3 days from now on.


. o .
. . o     Victor Nițu
o o o

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