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Re: What about a sticky language browsing?

On Sat, 07 Apr 2012 19:57:47 -0400
David Prévot wrote:
> Apache and MySQL are able to do that for their documentation, so why not
> us? I was thinking of something like:
> 	[new] http://www.d.o/${ll}/${path}
> with ${ll} being the language code could provide the content of:
> 	[old] http://www.d.o/${path}.${ll}(.html)
> if ${path} is a file and, if it's a directory:
> 	[old] http://www.d.o/${path}index.${ll}.html
> The footer links (and the search.d.o) should of course point to [new]
> instead of [old], and if [old] is not available, we would default back
> to the best available choice for the user as we do, at worse being:
> 	[eng] http://www.d.o/${path}.en(.html)
> or
> 	[eng] http://www.d.o/${path}index.en.html
On Sun, 08 Apr 2012 23:26:25 -0400
David Prévot wrote:
> > One issue I can think of is that we would duplicate the number of
> > similar content available in various URL, and that will be a problem for
> > search engine, in term of ranking…
On Mon, 9 Apr 2012 10:56:58 +0300
Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> This seems acceptable to me. You follow a link to the German 
> translation of the web site and the site keeps that preference unless 
> you tell it otherwise (or ignore cookies).

www.d.o uses absolute path on every page
 and /lang/path/page style link will able to keep only on the translated pages,
 ie: untranslated pages cannot have /untranslated-lang/path/page link
     and it cannot continue to keep
 this may be able to fixed by make's environment variable though

in the past, debian www mirrors were hosted on many domains like ftp.**.d.o,
 and of course they had the same content on them.
is this really a issue to care about?

how about let all mirrors have vhosts, eg: www.(en|fr|de|da|es|ja...).debian.org,
using different language priority configrations (care about only one and en as fallback),
 eg: www.fr use language priority fr en
     www.de use language priority de en
     www.es use language priority es en
this way, the issues may become easier to fix

no need to CC me :-)

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