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Re: Coordinate work on the cvs webwml repository


Le 10/04/2012 10:39, Holger Wansing a écrit :

> This is to avoid duplicate work - and throw away my work
> because others did, what I intended to do

“cvs up $files” will merge the changes already in the directory with yours.
“cvs diff $files” will show what is to be committed.
You can also save your files before, in order to compare them with the
one from the repository (CVS isn't very kind in case of conflict).

If you're referring to my */CD/faq/index.wml commit, it only was, as
stated in the commit log:
	./smart_change.pl -p \
		-s 's/\{Linux\|Hurd\}/{Linux|Hurd|kFreeBSD}/' \
in order to fix your previous incomplete commit made more than three
hours before. Please, do commit complete fixes if you don't want people
to mess with what you're planning to fix several hours later.

It seems my remark about intro/why_debian.wml was not understood. It's
too late now, but let me rephrase it for next time. I was advising to
commit in all directories the changes that can be trivially fixed (with
the proper translation-check bump), and then, after that, commit to the
english directory the changes that can't be trivially updated in
translations, in order to ease the translators work. That would have
offer them a diff focusing only on the changes left to do, while the
current diff mixes stuff already updated in translation and stuff they
need to update:


If you want to do live coordination, please, join us on #debian-www.



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