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Bug#406228: marked as done (debian-www: Links to http://www.debian.org/intro/cn should be language specific)

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Package: debian-www
Severity: normal

The links at the bottom of all our pages that link to
http://www.debian.org/intro/cn send the user back to whatever language
their browser is set to.

If they got to the page they are on by selecting one of the language
specific links just above that, that's almost definitely not what they
want (since by clicking on the link they are effectively voting against
their current browser setting)

If instead those links pointed to the page using the language specific
URL (i.e. http://www.debian.org/intro/cn.en.html) that matches whatever
language the current page is in, then if that's the wrong language, they
get to select their own just above, and if it's already right they get
what they want anyway.

Hope that makes sense.

Just to make sure, I'm saying that:


should have this somewhere near the end:

  ie stellt man <a href="./intro/cn.de.html">die Standardsprache</a> ein

whereas this:


should instead have this:

  How to set <a href="./intro/cn.en.html">the default document language</a>

and that should apply to all pages that have that link, with all of them
pointing at their own languages, for each supported language.

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. Credit for spotting this bug should be given to Gundemarie Scholz,
who pointed it out to me, but is unable to report it easily at present.

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Le 09/01/2007 16:42, Philip Hands a écrit :

> I was _not_ trying to re-raise the old idea whereby following a single
> language specific link results in your experience of the whole Debian site
> flipping languages. (I'm aware that is too painful to contemplate)

I can only agree with the painful part (since I only managed to fail in
my previous attempts), but I wonder if that would be possible now that
all our mirrors are handled by DSA (so we can tweak the Apache
configuration a bit more easily than we used to).

Apache and MySQL are able to do that for their documentation, so why not
us? I was thinking of something like:

	[new] http://www.d.o/${ll}/${path}

with ${ll} being the language code could provide the content of:

	[old] http://www.d.o/${path}.${ll}(.html)

if ${path} is a file and, if it's a directory:

	[old] http://www.d.o/${path}index.${ll}.html

The footer links (and the search.d.o) should of course point to [new]
instead of [old], and if [old] is not available, we would default back
to the best available choice for the user as we do, at worse being:

	[eng] http://www.d.o/${path}.en(.html)
	[eng] http://www.d.o/${path}index.en.html

but of course without rewriting the URL…

I tried to play with RedirectCond and RedirectRule in order to try
something, but was not able to provide anything yet. If someone could
provide an initial draft of such an Apache configuration, we could begin
to test it and improve it before applying it.

One issue I can think of is that we would duplicate the number of
similar content available in various URL, and that will be a problem for
search engine, in term of ranking…

Comments welcome! Better reply to debian-www@l.d.o instead of this
closed bug report against an unrelated issue, or even as a new bug
report against www.debian.org if you provide a patch.

[ Back to the initial #406228 issue ]

> An alternative to the language specific links idea (and probably easier to
> implement) would be to duplicate the "this page is available in other
> languages" section at the top of the page

Ho good idea, just added it.


David, on behalf of the “Better Late Than Never Team”

P.-S.: if you disagree with the fix, please do reopen the bug, the
“Better Late Than Never Team” will be happy to have a look at it in five
years, as part of its “Over Ten Years Old Bugs of the Week” initiative.

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