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Bug#103975: marked as done (Sherlock searchability (Mozilla 'Search' sidebar))

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and subject line OpenSearch plugin coming soon on your screen
has caused the Debian Bug report #103975,
regarding Sherlock searchability (Mozilla 'Search' sidebar)
to be marked as done.

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Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

Hi.  I think it'd be just swell if you could search packages.debian.org
and the bugs database through the 'Search' sidebar in Mozilla.  And, in
fact, one can without too much effort.  (See attatched Sherlock
extension files.)  But it would work even BETTER with just a little help
from the server side of things.

All we needs is a few HTML comments thrown into the output stream, one
before and after each result in the list.  e.g. <!-- resultItemStart -->
and <!-- resultItemEnd -->, or <!-- Chocolate! --> <!-- Vanilla! -->,
just so long as these identifiers are distinct.

For bugs, it'd also be handy to have a 'GET' interface that works the
same way the url-redirection queries work, i.e. have a single url that
you can perform a get-action on, with just one input parameter, which
may take the form of number/package/maint@email/from:sumbitter@email,
doing the same thing as 

the reason for this being that these search gizmos are made to submit
get requests instead of doing URL construction.

Once this works well, the Mozilla maintainer may choose to include these
search extensions in the browser package, or the webmaster may put up a
little page with a javascript 'click here to install the debian package
search tab', as described on


 - Kevin Turner

(Note: sherlock is not a mozilla-specific thing, I think it was born in
MacOS and Konq might support it too, though I'm not sure.)
    name="Debian packages"
    description="Search through the names and descriptions of packages in the whole Debian package database."

<INPUT name="keywords" user />
<INPUT name="searchon" value="all" />
<INPUT name="subword" value="1" />
# XXX - customize version
<INPUT name="version" value="all" />
<INPUT name="release" value="all" />

# XXX - ItemStart and ItemEnd markers suck.
    browserResultType = "result"
    resultListStart = "<table"
    resultListEnd = "</table"
    resultItemStart = '<tr VALIGN="top">'
    resultItemEnd = 'k)'

    name="Debian filenames"
    description="Search for a filename in all Debian packages in the unstable i386 distribution."
<INPUT name="word" user />
<INPUT name="casesens" value="insensitive" />
# XXX - customize distro
<INPUT name="distro" value="unstable" />
# XXX - customize arch
<INPUT name="arch" value="i386" />
<INPUT name="incdirs" value="yes" />

# XXX - no tag marking item-start or end!
#     resultItemStart = "<b class=title"
#     resultItemEnd = '<hr size=1 width="100%" align=left>'
    browserResultType = "result"
    resultListStart = "<pre>"
    resultListEnd = "</pre>"


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Le 14/04/2011 01:12, Brian Herman a écrit :
> <Url type="text/html" method="get" template="
> http://search.debian.org/cgi-bin/omega?P={searchTerms}"/>
> <Url type="text/html" method="get" template="
> http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords={searchTerms}&searchon=names&suite=stable&section=all
> <Url type="text/html" method="get" template="
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?package={searchTerms}"/>
> </OpenSearchDescription>

Multiple URLs doesn't seem supported (but multiple plugins can be added
for one page), and such OpenSearch plugin for packages.d.o or bugs.d.o
should probably be a better fit on their own website than on www.d.o
(the packages.d.o one is already distributed with Iceweasel BTW).

Thanks to Raphael's help (who also just added one for the PTS, see
#477347), we just added such a plugin, with i18n and l10n support. It
will be online tomorrow (a full rebuild is needed, since the header
changes on every page).


David, on behalf of the “Better Late Than Never Team”

P.-S.: the “Better Late Than Never Team” is looking for contributors for
its “Over Ten Years Old Bugs of the Week” initiative.

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