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Bug#612244: www.debian.org: home banner kerning wonky

Le 06/02/2011 23:48, Jason Woofenden a écrit :

> The kerning of the text "the universal operating system" on the
> (new and otherwise spiffy looking) banner on the home page is very
> inconsistent. Enough that it was distracting. Particularly, there
> appears to be a full three pixel columns of space between the "O"
> and "P" in "operating", where as most letter pairs have one or two.
> Also the "S" and "A" in "universal" appear to be touching, while
> most other letter pairs don't.

Valessio, is it possible to fix that, possibly pulling the text away
from the image (that would allow this heading text to be translated,
since we offer the home page in 36 languages)?



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