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Bug#613832: Bug#61383Re: www.debian.org: Debian sister association in the merchandise page

* Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> [2012-03-23 16:28:24 CET]:
>  - And Zack suggested sorting by % donated to Debian.

 It still sounds fishy to claim that debian.ch donates 100% to Debian.
Actually, debian.ch is not a vendor but a reseller of goods from others,
and those organizations don't donate their profit to the Debian project
to the best of my knowledge?  It isn't even documented *which* those
organizations are, and from what I understood they might be different
ones for different stuff?

 One could easily create an umbrella organization (pun not intended)
around a for-profit organization that let's say adds 10 cents onto the
prize of the stuff and then come and claim that they are given all their
profit to Debian.

 To me, this sounds highly fishy, and actually claiming that "it *is* a
special case, no matter what other people say" isn't really buying
any trust into what that person says neither, rather the contrary.
debian.ch itself is a non-profit indeed, but there are (unknown) parties
in the background that make their profit on that base and I can't find
any documentation on whether debian.ch gets special discount with those
vendors or how those vendors are related to Debian, if at all.

> Personally, I'd just divide the page into two but I can see the
> argument for 3 categories.  I agree with Luca that sorting by
> percentage is over-engineered.  I'm also fine with Francesca's
> proposal to add notes describing whether they donate (but I'd prefer
> those that donate to be listed first.)

 This would be highly misleading IMNSHO, for the above mentioned reasons.

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