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Bug#613832: Bug#61383Re: www.debian.org: Debian sister association in the merchandise page

I wanted to comment on this bug:

Regarding trusted organizations and the web site: not all of them sell
merchandise.  The trusted organizations should be listed on
http://www.debian.org/donations  There is bug #634986 already for
which I'll accept ownership.

Regarding the merchandise web page: I believe it's important to
express whether a vendor donates parts of their revenues to Debian.
I think we're all in agreement that this makes sense.

The only disagreement I see is how to sort the organizations:

 - One proposal is to divide the page into two: those organizations
that donate to Debian and those that do not.

 - Another proposal is to have 3 categories: Debian trusted orgs
(which sell merchandise), vendors that donate to Debian, and vendors
that do not.

 - And Zack suggested sorting by % donated to Debian.

Personally, I'd just divide the page into two but I can see the
argument for 3 categories.  I agree with Luca that sorting by
percentage is over-engineered.  I'm also fine with Francesca's
proposal to add notes describing whether they donate (but I'd prefer
those that donate to be listed first.)

In any case, this is just a minor detail and I think it should be
decided by the merchandise folks (i.e. Francesca and Luca).

I think the next steps are:

 - For the merchandise folks to contact those vendors to see if they
   make donations to Debian (and if so how: to SPI, to ffis, etc?)

 - For the accounting people: check if we've received donations from
   the vendors that claim to donate to us.

 - For the merchandise folks to pick one of the proposals above and
   change the web page.

Martin Michlmayr

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