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Bug#657557: Fix for #657557

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (21/02/2012):
> If troubles arise from applying those patches, I could be tricked
> into helping to fix it up.

Experimental was only working for packages which had long descriptions
before the archive got changed, I fixed it up with the following patch.

The local diff is applied on powell and I ran a refresh to make sure it
was doing fine.


We probably want to clean up what's showing up in git status at some
point, I guess.

From 66424cad1847adc16cf339ba64ac1754ddf119a9 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 13:28:22 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] Bug#657557: Process translations in experimental too.

Otherwise we only get to see long descriptions and translations for
packages which were in experimental before long descriptions got
dropped from Packages files.
 bin/parse-translations |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bin/parse-translations b/bin/parse-translations
index 00611a9..864173e 100755
--- a/bin/parse-translations
+++ b/bin/parse-translations
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ my $fixja = Text::Iconv->new("EUC-JP", "UTF-8");
 # FIXME: one database per dist
 # http://lists.debian.org/4E42E104.90201@deb-support.de
 # FIXME: unhardcode dists name
-my @dists = ('sid', 'wheezy', 'squeeze', 'lenny');
+my @dists = ('experimental', 'sid', 'wheezy', 'squeeze', 'lenny');
 foreach my $lang (@langs) {
     (my $locale = $lang) =~ s/^([a-z]{2})-([a-z]{2})$/"$1_".uc($2)/e;

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