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Re: unconditional alliance


my name is manfred kahn and i have a offer for you. please hear me out.

in august 1983, a 70-year-old retiree, frank shutko made a dep*osit with our bank. it was set to mature every 12 months and was for $13.65 mil*lion. mr. shutko requested that we keep the details of the placement secret until such a time as he requests. every year, we sent a notification to mr. shutko and he always asked that we hold the dep*osit for another 12 months. in 2003, however, when we sent the notification we got no reply from him. after discreet enquiries i discovered mr. shutko had died on saturday, july 17, 2004. further he had left no instructions about the depo*sit.

my colleague and i have taken our time and investigated and we are certain that no one else knows of this placement or is entitled to it. we would like you to come forward and claim it. we have looked at a number of previous cases and understand exactly what is required.


do feel free to contact me for further details of what this matter involves.

sincerely yours,


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