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Bug#655639: [www.debian.org] Awards: Linux New Media Awards entry does not link to Linux New Media announcement

On 2012-02-22 22:29, David Prévot wrote:
tags 655639 wontfix


Le 22/02/2012 22:31, Filipus Klutiero a écrit :
reopen 655639

The possible inavailability of a page about the awards in the corporate
Linux New Media website does not make this less of an issue.
Definitely not an issue we can fix on www.d.o!

What makes you think so?
  Please, go
{fix,report,whine about,whatever} the problem directly to its source: in
the corporate Linux New Media website.

We are not entitled to provide a link to a non existent announcement on
this page, where did you pick that idea? (It's a rhetorical one: no need
to answer.)

Hum, good thing I suppose, because I can't make sense of it.
  The correct way to treat bugs about non-issues is to close
them, but I don't want to play the yo-yo with you and simply tags it
now, and let to someone else the burden to close it in a few
{weeks,months,years} when we'll be tired of seeing this useless report
on the BTS.

But what :-?

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