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Bug#655639: [www.debian.org] Awards: Linux New Media Awards entry does not link to Linux New Media announcement

tags 655639 wontfix


Le 22/02/2012 22:31, Filipus Klutiero a écrit :
> reopen 655639

> The possible inavailability of a page about the awards in the corporate
> Linux New Media website does not make this less of an issue.

Definitely not an issue we can fix on www.d.o! Please, go
{fix,report,whine about,whatever} the problem directly to its source: in
the corporate Linux New Media website.

We are not entitled to provide a link to a non existent announcement on
this page, where did you pick that idea? (It's a rhetorical one: no need
to answer.) The correct way to treat bugs about non-issues is to close
them, but I don't want to play the yo-yo with you and simply tags it
now, and let to someone else the burden to close it in a few
{weeks,months,years} when we'll be tired of seeing this useless report
on the BTS.



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