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Bug#659066: www.debian.org: [fr] inconsistent capitalization of 'Développeurs', 'Contrat social' and 'Comité technique' in the Social Contract

Quoting Luca Capello (luca@pca.it):

> Thank you for the link!  I think this is of general matter simply
> because IMHO the resolution should be clearly stated somewhere, which is
> also why I did not report it to doc-debian-fr in primis (which I would
> anyway have done in English...).
> While I agree that 'Developer' is not a proper name, it is a distinct
> status in the Debian world, i.e. we are not talking about *any*
> developer in the world.  The same applies to the 'Technical Committee'
> and, to some extent, to the 'Social Contract'.  This is why I think they
> deserve their capitalization.  However, please note that I am not a
> native French speaker nor I remember how in Italian (my native language)
> this situation is solved, which is why I checked the other languages
> before reporting the bug.
> Please also note that I do not actually care how this is solved, as far
> as there is consistency and a clear policy for future references (but I
> should say that I have not looked if such a policy already exists).

My opinion on this is that "Comité Technique" and "Contrat Social"
should be capitalized while I'm less convinced for "développeur".

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