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Re: Footer link to the source

-=| David Prévot, 17.01.2012 18:11:18 -0400 |=-
> Some web services [1,2,3,4] already link to their own sources in 
> their footer, and it seems like a good idea, so maybe the main 
> Debian website could give a good example of that.

I like the idea, but have suggestions about the implementation :)

I think that a bare "Checkout repository | Browse repository" links 
are kind of surprising. What repository is this? Is it holding Debian 
packages or what?

How about this:

  <Information> about accessing web site source.

With <Information> being a link to /devel/website/using_cvs, from 
where there is an obvious link to the web front-end.

Or append to the "To report a problem" paragraph (avoids creating 
another paragraph):

  Web site source is available as described on the <Using CVS page>.

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