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Re: Consultants registration via web form [was: Re: consultants: some proposal on german entries]

On Sb, 05 nov 11, 13:58:32, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> Hi Andrei and *,
> about your proposal of creating a web page for new requests, what about
> sponsoring a little project inside Google Code In 2011? Please have a
> look at http://wiki.debian.org/GoogleCodeIn2011 .

I was thinking of a broader solution, which could be flexible enough to 
be able to deal with all such requests:

- users (Who's using Debian)
- CD vendors
- preinstalled
- consultants
- etc.

since the requirements are mostly similar. From my experience last year 
with Google Code In the above is too much, it would rather qualify as an 
SoC project, too bad I didn't think to propose this at the time :(

Kind regards,
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