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Alioth login (was: How to join the Alioth webwml project - proposal for changing)


Le 05/11/2011 16:31, Holger Wansing a écrit :

>> Can't you reset your password?
> As I don't know what's happening, I didn't want to go this way. I
> thought that at the end I have both not working: no way to login into
> the webinterface AND no way to commit to webwml cvs repo.

You don't use your Alioth password to commit: as suggested in the
beginning of the patch, you use an SSH key (maybe are you trying to use
your SSH key password instead of your Alioth one).

> Holger, still being unsure if HE does something wrong, and if it works 
> for others

I didn't saw anyone complain about such problem on #alioth, and have no
problem to login into the Alioth web interface.



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