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Re: Draft: policy for vendors listed on Debian website

On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 12:06:34AM +0100, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> Hi all,
> is my intent to proceed with a clean up of vendors listed on [1] and [2].

That's a good idea, I hope you are still interested in doing this :)

> To do it, I'm trying to write down some requirements which vendors need to
> follow to be listed and which I can use as guidelines.

Comments below.

> == Policy for vendors' lists ==

Suggest change to: "Policy for listing vendors in the official Debian

> Vendors of Debian CD and PCs with Debian pre-installed who want to be listed
> on Debian website, need to:
> 1. provide the URL of an up-and-running website and a mail address
> 2. *explicitly* mention in their website the Debian product for which they
> want to be listed
> 3. maintain their product updated: specifically CD vendors must sell copies of
> recent release, at least of the current oldstable (or stable if there's no
> oldstable)

Just my 2 cents.  I would also add, as requirement:

 - Vendor has to include in their webpage (for the URL they tell us to point
   to) a given tag (say '<debian_cd_vendor_tag />')

   Justification: That way we can programatically look for their tag in their
   pages and detect faster when a vendor goes out of business, loses the
   domain or whatever.

 - Vendor has to sell the "Official CD Debian images". 

   Note: Even though vendors can send "additional CDs with unofficial
   software" I believe we should not list vendors which provide only
   "modified" CD Debian images.

  - Vendor has to send updated information to the Debian web team when there
    are changes to: the URL used to publish the Debian-specific information,
    contact addresses of the seller (email), or the processor arquitectures
    available to the customers through the shop.

    Note: To prevent inconsistencies between what we add initially and what
    the vendor provides later on.

We also should indicate explicitly *when* we will unlist a vendor. We should
set clear standards for our relationships with vendors and customer satisfaction.
E.g. motives for being unlisted could be:

  - "If we receive N complaints from customers due to CDs/DVDs not being
    delivered, or have been received but are not of adequate quality"

  - "If a vendor does not answer requests or enquiries coming from the Debian
    web team in a timely fashion."

  - "If a vendor is unable to provide CDs/DVDs of an official Debian stable
    release after X months of the release being published."

  - "If the site of a vendor is detected as unavailable for more than X

Best regards,


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