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Re: Explicit mention of normal CD for netinst images (Was: Modification du texte de netinst)

On Ma, 20 sep 11, 19:39:12, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>  - A _netboot_ image ("small bootable CD image for network install")
>    contains only the Debian installer components needed to boot up,
>    connect to the network, and acquire the rest of the installer from
>    a Debian mirror.  This is usable for non-netboot setups, too!
>  - A (larger) graphical variant of the netboot image.
These images can also be used when you want to install to the boot media 
itself, even if it's the currently running system (I call it a 
pull-the-rug install ;)

>  - Another variant of the netboot image for Xen guests.
>  - The _hd-media_ image, which seems to be a variant of the netboot
>    image that uses the media it is on instead of a Debian mirror to
>    grab basic components (usually one would put this on a USB stick
>    along with a businesscard or netinst image containing the packages
>    it wants).  I guess this might be useful if someone wants to put
>    multiple d-i images on a single thumb drive (I haven't tried it),
>    but generally it doesn't sound very useful.

My guess is these have been obsoleted by the iso-hybrid images.

> 	and the netinst image with non-free firmware included which is
> 	not on this page for some unknown reason.

Probably to not promote non-free stuff.

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