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Re: Explicit mention of normal CD for netinst images (Was: Modification du texte de netinst)

Justin B Rye wrote:

> "Small CDs" is a terrible description, especially when it goes on to
> refer to "small CD-R(W) media, 80 mm/3.1″ in diameter" as if that
> wasn't the standard size (and as if I couldn't use a DVD).

True.  Probably it should say that they are suitable for 'ordinary
CD-R(W) media, 120mm/4.7" in diameter, or Mini CDs, 80mm/3.1" in
diameter', with room to spare for a song or two.

> Is this
> page using "CD" to mean "ISO image", so that "small" is in terms of
> disk space, or what?


> And what's all this about "Tiny CDs"?  Is that
> third option trying to refer to hd-media installs?

It seems so.

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